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Product description of Retino-A 0.025% cream 


Types available: Retino-A cream is available in different variations. They come as gel, creams, and lotion.

  • Gels are transparent and work fast in their nature.
  • Creams are thicker and cause minor irritation.
  • Lotions contain low amounts of medications and more water. Thus, they are easily absorbed in the skin.

DISCLAIMER: use the correct form of medication for your skin as directed by your dermatologist,

Do not indulge in self-medication as some medications cause side effects. Consequently, the doctor may prescribe the best one which is suitable for your skin.

How does Retino-A cream 0.025% work?

This ointment especially treats and cures acne. It may reduce the number of pimples and give quick healing of pimples on the affected area. Moreover, it contains the generic composition of Tretinoin in the capacity of 0.25%. Tretinoin refers to a group of medicines regarded as Retinoids. Retina-A is also called Tretinoin which is a form of vitamin A. Thus, the tretinoin and Retino-A brands are used in treating excessive acne.

Uses of Retino-A 0.025% cream

Retino-A 0.025% is used in treating several skin problems. It improves the growth of skin cells by providing synthetic Vitamin A to the skin. Some of the major skin problems it deals with are as follows:

  • ACNE 

What is Retino-A 0.25% cream used for?

  • Retino-A 0.25% is one of the powerful and most topical retinoids. It successfully treats pimples and skin aging.
  • It should be used externally on facial skin or the body. It can be applied to the affected area as recommended by the physician.
  • It reduces pimples formation by removing the excess oil and blocking the abnormal blood cells from growing.
  • Furthermore it, moistures the rough skin and decreases the fine wrinkles.
  • Hence, the regular use of Retino-A cream can help treat excessive acne, dark spots, and pores. Thus, increasing the growth of healthy skin cells and making your skin acne acne-free.

How to use Retino-A 0.25% cream?

  • First and foremost, wash your face and hands nicely before applying.
  • Remember to apply the cream with clean hands on the dry skin.
  • Retino-A cream should be applied to the thin layer of skin daily at bedtime.

When using the cream be careful, so that it does not get into yours:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Nostrils

Side effects of Retinol-A 0.25% cream 

  • Skin irritation
  • Peeling of skin
  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Excess acne
  • Sensitivity towards light


Do not use Retinol-A cream in the following cases:

  • Burning or stinging of the skin, which may be severe.
  • Redness of skin which may be severe.
  • Unusually warm skin.
  • Skin that’s easily sunburned.
  • Chopping or peeling of the skin, which may be severe.
  • Don’t use this cream if you are pregnant. it might cause some harmful effects on the development of the baby.
  • However, it is entirely safe for breastfeeding women to use the cream. It is not harmful to the baby, as suggested by studies.
  • If you are extremely sensitive towards the ingredients present in the cream. (

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Retino A Cream


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