Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The additional policies are linked with the collection, protection, and personal information of data. We are here to operate as a company with a rigid website. We assure you that our responsibility is to keep the privacy of the customer.

Information we collect

The information which we collect is as follows.

Personal information

Our website collects personal information concerning the content. We collect personal information including first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and caller ID information.

identifiable information

We collect non-personal information also from visitors. The non-personal information is being stored in the browser. Hence the information includes cookies, date and time of visit, IP address, mobile device ID, referring web page.


  • We are here to drop cookies on the browser of the customer’s website. We, therefore, do not provide any service after you leave the website.
  • We will track the website visitor across multiple websites and continue the service until the patient leaves the website. The service provider is being tracked across multiple websites, and your website’s privacy settings might disregard it.

How do we use information?

  • The visitor who volunteers for personal information on our website is being displayed to them. Service providers contact them through phone or email.
  • For mobile visitors, the initial call option is available. They can contact the service provider or receiver and clarify doubts regarding the pills.
  • Email communication is also applicable, which will help the customers to rectify the doubt. At the bottom, you can click on the unsubscribe button if you feel like doing so.
  • We do not share non-personal information with a third party or service providers. This part is kept safe with us.

The privacy policy applies to our website. We respect your privacy, whether personal or non-personal.

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