All you need to know about Cenforce 100 blue pills

What Makes Cenforce 100 Blue Pill?

Because of its blue color and parallelogram-like shape, Cenforce 100 is commonly referred to as a Blue Viagra Pill or a Little Blue Pill by the general public.

Is Cenforce the same as Viagra in terms of effectiveness?

Generic Because Cenforce contains the same molecular composition as Viagra’s sildenafil citrate, the tablet’s performance characteristics, side effects, color and shape, and color and shape are all the same.

In Regards to This Pill:

Methylprednisolone is the principal active ingredient in Cenforce 100 mg tablets. Taking 100 mg of sildenafil citrate is like taking Viagra because it is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitor drug with a chemical structure that is similar to Viagra. Relaxing the muscles and blood vessels of a man’s body can help him increase blood flow to his penis while also retaining his sexual passion and interest. Treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and sexual impotence provides equivalent effects at a lower cost than other treatments.

How does Cenforce 100 help in attaining erection?

  • The stiff body muscles begin to soften gradually, allowing some space for the blood vessels to relax, resulting in the formation of an erection. During an erection, the blood flow to the penis increases dramatically, providing the impression of the penis rapidly growing in size and volume.
  • A protein that promotes the grafting of cGMP into cells. The primary target of this medication is phosphodiesterase 5 (cGMP) (PDE5). It also regulates the flow of blood into the penis after being drawn into the organ. As a result, the amount of a molecule known as cGMP produced increases.
  • The greater the amount of cGMP present in a person’s system, the better. Gentle muscle relaxation, particularly of those connected to the penis’ arteries, is also beneficial for relaxation. Incorrectly directed blood flow can cause erections to be quicker, more complicated, and last longer than they otherwise would be.

Cenforce 100 Treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension?

When this drug is taken, the symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension can be lessened to some extent. A person suffering from pulmonary hypertension must exert more effort for the heart to pump enough blood into the lungs. PDE5 enzyme in the lungs is relaxed when Sildenafil is taken, allowing more blood to flow through the lungs.

Cenforce 100 Dosage and Consumption Recommendation

• It is not recommended to take it more than once per 24 hours. If you want the best results, it’s advisable to take it 30 to 50 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

• It is recommended that Sildenafil citrate (Blue Viagra Pill) be given at least an hour to get the desired level of erection to achieve the most outstanding results.

A Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease:

A doctor should check the health of the blood vessels before initiating treatment, as sexual activity alone raises the risk of blood vessel damage.

  • The vasodilator action has the effect of momentarily lowering blood pressure levels.
  • Severe cardiovascular events include myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, sudden cardiac death, and ventricular arrhythmias, to name a few.
  • These individuals had a high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors.
  • For the most part, these incidents occurred during or immediately after sexual encounters. Only a tiny fraction of those who claimed to have sexual relations outside of Cenforce actually did so.
  • When using this medicine to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), those having a problem with their penile anatomy should exercise caution (e.g., angulation, cavernous fibrosis, or peroneal condition).
  • It is not recommended to take Sildenafil if you use nitroglycerine or isosorbide dinitrate for heart or chest pain.

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